Your new career begins here. 

As a Concordia University-Portland ABSN student, you are empowered to succeed through challenging online coursework, experiential learning and supportive faculty – all of which prepare you to graduate a culturally responsible, career-ready nurse.

“Concordia’s ABSN program provided me with a personal connection and mentor to help guide me through the entire process.” - Sandra, Class of 2019


If you want to become a nurse, our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program can help you transition into a new career through online coursework, hands-on lab experience and clinical rotations.


You don’t have to wait to become a nurse. Our accredited, 16-month Accelerated BSN program offers you a fast-track to your nursing future with classes starting three times every year.


You will be empowered to succeed with the academic foundation and clinical preparedness required to pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) to become an RN.

Nurses are in demand across the country as well as in Oregon, which is the fourth highest paying state for registered nurses with an average salary of $88,770.*

*2015 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


A Wise Investment

Our 16-month Accelerated BSN program is a highly sought after path to a nursing career. Students can earn a respected BSN degree from an accredited, private institution that affords a smart return on their investment.  



Real-world Experience.

Students preparing to apply to Concordia University’s Accelerated BSN Program are drawn to the fact that they will experience exceptional real-world nursing clinicals within all the major hospital systems in and around Portland. Not only does this allow students to master various nursing skills, but it allows them to be prepared for a successful nursing career once they graduate. 

Hear from ABSN student Stephanie as she explains the benefits of Concordia’s in-hospital nursing clinicals. 







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